Fathers Day for the fatherless


Today we celebrate fathers. Fathers by blood, stepfathers, father figures in our lives. For some, there are no fathers in the flesh to celebrate.

When I think of a father I think of a man who provides, protects, and loves you. Some of us have never experienced this in our own lives. So when we come to know God and build a relationship with Him, we look to God to be the father we never had in the flesh

My blood father was absent most of my life. He was unable to be a father due to his battles with himself..

At the age of 10 my mother brought a man into our home who also was unable to be a father. His battles were with anger that revealed itself through violence. He was physically and verbally abusive.

As a child I was a molested by an uncle.

With this, how do I believe that God will be a father to me. And how do I persuade others that He will be a father to them? If God is a protector, why didn’t he protect me from molestation and physical abuse? Can I trust Him? Where was He in the beginning?

I have come to believe that while I was being formed in my mother’s womb He watched to make sure that I had the emotional strength to experience what I did but not. be destroyed. But how can I help someone else to believe that God was being a father while their fathers failed them? What can I say to help them see God as a father?

I have learned that God wants us to come to Him with our hard questions. He already knows our thoughts from afar (Psalms 139:2). So this morning I asked God, “Lord, will you help me to see you as a father even being molested, abused, and raped? How can I give you glory through my story? I want to be able to tell others how You were a father, protector, provider, and lover to me.”

In Luke 22:32 Jesus told Peter, “when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” When God delivers us, heals us, restores us, we are to go do the same to our brothers. I asked these questions so I can share the answer with others. So they can experiance God as their father, provider, protector, lover.

I will share the revelation God shares with me on a future post. Until then, I’m waiting and listening. I do love God and know that He loves me. He has been a father to me. I want to be able to help others experience Him as a father too.


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