It’s Time to change my “Self talk”.


As I was getting ready this morning, fixing my hair, looking in the mirror, I caught myself talking critically to myself. More like thinking critical, judgemental thoughts of myself. “Why can’t you be friendlier?” “You need to be nicer to your husband.” “You need to….” “Why don’t you…..?” On and on and on it went. Then I caught myself. Wow! I am not very nice to myself. It’s time to reject the lies and speak what God has said about me.

Denetta, you are blessed. God was watching over you as you were being formed in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:15). Based on what God said after each day of creation, “It is good.” I believe God said the same after your birth. God chose you to be like his Son. According to Romans 8:30 God has given you right standing with himself. And having given you right standing, he has given you his glory. His favor is on you. His glory is in you. His glory is his essence, his Spirit. It’s time to choose truth over lies. It’s time to change my self talk.

I know that from this point on I have to be intentional with what talk I allow myself to speak to myself. (Sounds funny huh?) Each morning I need to remind myself of what God has said about me. I have to declare that I am loved by God. I love God. I love my husband. I am blessed to be his wife. God has blessed me so I can bless others.

I also have to completely release everyone in my past who may have hurt me, rejected me, or neglected me, and allow the Lord to use the experiances for His Glory. Use it to help me be empathetic toward others. Lord, thank you for allowing me to experience what others have and showing me how I can encourage them.

Then every evening I need to reflect on the day and thank God for His blessings, provisions, protection, and favor.

Lord, I’m asking You to remind me, throughout the day, to think good thoughts of myself, my husband and my life. You are good.

My husband has been kind enough to let me know that although I may say things are fine, my actions don’t necessarily reflect those words. That’s because no matter how hard I try to hide what I think, my thoughts are exposed through my attitude and actions. I’m sure there have been times when you’ve asked someone how they’re doing and they said, “I’m fine” but you knew otherwise. Our self talk will reveal themselves.

You were created in the image of God. That image is “good”. You have been chosen by God to become like his son Jesus. God has given you right standing with Him. He has also given you his glory.

Reject the lies that our enemy has tried to present as truth. Chose to think on what is true.

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