This past Saturday the women  ministry of the church I’m a member of, had planned a day trip to the Washington Coast. It was a time for each lady to get away and have an opportunity to get to know ladies we wouldn’t have gotten to know after Sunday services.

In times past I would have passed on participating with a function like this. First off, because socializing is like work for me. I’m an introvert who prefers spending time at home reading, than meeting friends for fun. I would feel like I had to, “be on” the entire time. My mind would be stressing about being able to initiate conversation with people I didn’t know. Of course, that was the whole point. Second off, I always felt that my absence wouldn’t be noticed. I’m not a “bubbly” or “charismatic” person. I like to laugh but I’m not a “drawer of people.”

The Lord has a way of getting your attention, stirring your heart to want more, so when the time comes, you’re willing to test your faith and step out of the boat, as you come to Him. Earlier last week I came across an article written by Emily White titled, “Leave Your House, Change Your Life.” How to defeat the “Front Door Syndrome.” She wrote that Richard Sennert, a NYU sociologist, describes our retreat inward by the term “uncooperative”. He means that as we pull away from people in our social lives, we become more isolated and less responsive to others in our work environments and in our communities.

I have been praying asking the Lord to give me eyes to see others the way He sees them and a heart to love like He does. I realize that God answers my prayer as I put myself out there, around the others. Will I trust Him and get out of my boat of comfort?

I had a great time. I had an opportunity to share myself and words of encouragement with several of my sisters. The weather was beautiful. Partly cloudy, slight breeze, and warm. Quite often the Oregon and Washington coast is cloudy, windy, and chilly. It was like the Lord was smiling on us.

Although I got home late and I had an early start to Sunday, it was worth it. As I was getting ready I told the Lord, “I’m ok with being tired because it was worth it. Very memorable.”

Trust the Lord and, “Yes, come” Jesus said. (Matthew 14:29a)

My next post will be about my first Small Group leading next Tuesday. Like Jennie Allen says in her book, Anything, my life is not about me, but about what I will give to others.

One thought on “GETTING OUT THE BOAT

  1. Denetta, my sister, I am, no we are so proud of you for leaving your home and “getting out of your boat”.


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